About Us

We are a family owned and operated company based in Taylors SC.  We officially started in late 2016 after being inspired by many amazing woodworkers around the world and haven't stopped yet!  Our passion for quality is what has made us who we are.

We are dedicated to providing beautiful wood products for the home and heart to last lifetimes. 

Heirlooms are a dying concept with today's fast paced disposable mentality.  We love the idea of making our products last long enough to be passed down through generations.  Bringing back true quality to the table is what is important to us.

Customization is a passion of ours that we believe everyone should be able to experience.  Having a one in a million keepsake is great, but having it tailored to your taste makes it one of a kind, and we think that is amazing. Make it yours!

If there is an option that we don't offer for any one of our products and you want it, let us know by emailing mccantswoodcustoms@gmail.com.  We love trying new things and making your visions come to life.